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A litlle about me

So now that you're here let me introduce myself!
When I was in high school, I found out that I could go to beauty school and since I knew college was not for me, this was a beautiful career that sounded so fulfilling. I mean, making my own schedule, making women feel beautiful, who could ask for more? 
After nearly two decades, I've realized that it's not about the hair. It's about the connections I get to create with other women. As I've been on my own journey of finding happiness, healing and balance in my life as a mom, wife and business owner, I've learned so much that I want to share. 
The conversations I've been blessed to be a part of have also led me to support women better by becoming a certified compassion coach so that I can
help women release mom guilt, old stories and shame so that they can create the life they ACTUALLY love and not just one that looks good on social media. My vision is to make an impact in how women see themselves and show them how to live as the unapologetic, authentic creators of their own lives. 
After 19+ years of "Hair-apy" behind the chair as a hairstylist, I'm now empowering women with tools to build compassion, self love and healthy boundaries so that they can have more peace and design the relationships and the life that they truly desire. 
My humor and all my experience with women in intimate in-salon conversations through the years give me a unique perspective for compassion, connection and camaraderie with all the women I work with. 
When I’m not in the salon or coaching women online, I love running off to Disney World every chance I get, catching up on whatever major fantasy show happens to be making news, and I never miss taco Tuesdays! 
My two kids, two cats and four dogs are enough to fill my days with a never ending to do list while keeping my heart filled to the brim as well. My wonderful hubby and I have only just begun to explore different corners of the world and for a small town girl who's lived her whole life in Odessa, TX it's been a dream come true to go all over the world with the man I love!
So if this sounds like your kind of party, complete this form and
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