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Why I'm Here

🌿 Holistic Haircare & Life Coach 🌿

With over two decades of experience as a hairstylist, I am dedicated to a transformative approach that goes beyond the surface.


My career has taken me on a journey full of scissors, strands, and online scheduling, but during the pandemic I realized it's about so much more. While my fellow stylist friends colored mannequin heads in their kitchen, I reflected on what I was missing. My passion was no longer about doing hair, it was about nurturing the greater well-being of my clients. I missed our conversations and connection so deeply and this realization sparked a new path, leading me to become a certified life coach.

Now, at the interval between my years of expertise in haircare and my deep passion for life coaching, I bring you a unique fusion of services. Imagine a space where your hair goals meet the mindfulness of inner transformation. My holistic hair services are a blend of beauty and self-discovery, fully customized for your unique needs. You'll walk away with a boost to your outer radiance and also your inner resilience.

In each session, experience the therapeutic touch of a seasoned hairstylist and the insights of a compassionate life coach. Sometimes just being seen and heard is enough to fill our tank after life has left us feeling empty. If you're ready to dive into self care and treat yourself to holistic beauty services that go so much deeper than traditional salon experiences, contact me for an appointment. I'm so ready for you to join me in this transformative experience, where your gorgeous exterior meets your empowered interior.

🌸 Elevate Your Beauty. Transform Your Life. 🌸

"Coaching with Mindy is my safe space, my place I can go for feedback, resolution and positivity. 
It's a warm place with no judgment. She helps pinpoint the problem and
come up with real solutions to make it better."

Lyndsey W. 

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Studio inside Anumi Spa

3952 East 42nd Street

Odessa, TX

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