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Work with Mindy

Welcome to Your Transformation Journey!

Hello there! I'm Mindy, a passionate hairstylist-turned-life coach dedicated to guiding you through your personal and aesthetic transformation. With a unique blend of services tailored to nourish your body, mind, and soul, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal with me. Let's unlock your full potential together!

Hair + Coaching Appts

(Local In-Person)

Infusing hair salon appointments with the transformation of a coaching session, Mindy offers select days of the month for local in salon hair clients.  A unique self-care experience, this combination of outer radiance and inner resilience is for those who are looking for more than just a change in their appearance.  This rare blend of beauty and compassionate coaching is designed to guide you back to discovering your best self.  These appointments are sure to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to shine.  Email me to book today and let's create magic together!

Co-Creation Collab Sessions

Online or In-Person

Fueling the fire of solopreneurship can be daunting on your own, yet you know small business, deserves to be seen online. From social media marketing to mastering the art of client retention, you'll find these calls to be a partnership with your one-off team member! These sessions are blend of brainstorming, goal-setting, habit-building, and accountability. Imagine having someone to help craft impactful marketing and content strategies, detail out the nuances of scaling your business, and everything in between. No matter the industry, whether you're just getting started. or have been in business for years, navigating these waters alone can feel impossible. Let's collaborate to bring clarity, direction, and make your business dreams come true. Inviting me into your journey will let’s watch your business not just grow, but thrive. Email me and let's chat about how I can support you!

Support Calls


Are you craving unique heartfelt conversation, with the empathetic ear of a hairstylist-turned-lifecoach? Intimately opening up to your hairstylist comes naturally and Mindy combines this innate ability to listen with insightful life coaching skills. This is a one time, short, affordable, & profoundly compassionate conversation designed to guide you back to your essence. A blend of understanding, practical advice, and the ease of opening up to someone who's passion in transformation goes deeper than a salon appointment makes a "Support Call" with Mindy the perfect self-care solution. Ready to chat? Schedule your session now!

Journaling with Mindy

Free Facebook Group (Link to Journal subscription)

Join my free Facebook group, "Mindful Journaling with Mindy," where I share affirmations, insights, & encouragement to help you cultivate a powerful journaling practice. Fun prompts, exciting accountability and group sessions will inspire you to finally put pen to paper. This community is designed to support your journey to self-awareness and emotional healing. Join us and start your journaling journey today! Fun prompts, exciting accountability and group sessions will inspire you to finally put pen to paper.


While participation in "Mindful Journaling with Mindy" does not require any specific materials, I'm including my custom link to my FAVORITE. These journals are designed to inspire and facilitate your writing journey. Purchase yours through this custom link.

"Coaching with Mindy is my safe space, my place I can go for feedback, resolution and positivity. 
It's a warm place with no judgment. She helps pinpoint the problem and
come up with real solutions to make it better."

Lyndsey W. 

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